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A Letter to President George Washington

That wasn’t too long ago your excellence! K, lets face it, the general public as a whole is not very intelligent. They would not be capable of making critical decisions for our country welfare. If we were dependent on our general public to make the choices for us, we would...

George Washington, Elected the First President

It paid for the program through new tariffs and taxes; the tax on whiskey led to a revolt n the west; Washington raised an army and suppressed it. The nation adopted a Bill of Rights as 10 amendments to the new constitution. The Judiciary Act Of 1 789 established the...

George Washington Eassy

George Washington’s decisions and choice making would affect the future and since the constitution was only n place for a couple of years it was Washington’s responsibility to show how well the constitution should and will be followed and how well it will be in affect. During the whiskey rebellion,...

George washington’s foreign and domestic policies

Great Britain’s or France’s footsteps, his dealings with rebellion, and he even made a lasting impression through his farewell speech of which the words have echoed through centuries. Washington’s prolonged Stay in office helped bridged the nation and gave it its foundation for what it is today. Washington was a...


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